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Enigma is a journey which is part of the new brand 2 tracks-EP produced by Swiss based artist Julien Vertigo.
Enigma is the main theme of the EP that will bring you into something kind of mesmerizing and intriguing with a high crispy Lead overlooking a deep melancholic Piano.
The idea here was to keep a minimalistic touch in terms of drums patterns to let breath the synths and give plenty of soul to the melodic side of this tune which will let you fly into a parallel emotional world.
Melodic House & Techno
Julien Vertigo - Peaceful Horizon (Original Mix)
Julien Vertigo - Enigma (Original Mix)
Julien Vertigo
Melodic House & Techno
Blank Dust
Julien Vertigo, DJ/Producer from the area of Nyon in Switzerland, has been an avid electronic music lover for years.
His dedication and love for music led him to take a huge leap in 2018, when he decided to fully commit himself to producing Melodic Techno.
The idea behind his project is to immerse people in an eclectic auditory experience of experimental melodies, techno beats and unexpected sounds that bring a more natural element to his tracks.
Bio | Julien Vertigo
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