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Stand out among thousands of music projects. Unique design Instagram helps attract new audiences.

Instagram Branding

We create a unique design for your Instagram.

We are trusted to work on Instagram rebranding.
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We create 8 personal covers for Highlights Stories.

Each of your videos from stories should correspond to its section, so that your audience can learn more information about you.
Whether your looking to get signed by a major label or stay independent you need to create clarity for fans and followers.
It’s an important piece to have when conducting business.

Instagram branding

If you are looking for ways to grow your business, experimenting with the unique Highlight Stories feature on Instagram.
Instagram Highlights, are collections of pictures, videos, and posts that you've posted to your Instagram Stories in the past. These albums sit right underneath your profile bio section and above your regular feed.

What Are Instagram Highlights Stories?

You can use the Stories feature to showcase past events, promote upcoming ones, and help raise awareness about others. Instagram This is a strategic, fun, creative way to share more of your brand’s personality and increasing brand awareness.

Can I promote events with Instagram Highlights?

The “Questions” sticker allows your followers to submit questions. A good place to start is by asking common questions about new products, music, and begin by answering those. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think of what you’d like to know.

Can I compile answers to followers' questions?

Your highlight will be an easier and faster way to find information about your products, music, and you can direct followers to your websites.

How will Instagram Highlights help me in the promo?

Using ad interactive polls allows you to speaking with followers. The results you get can help you reframe your marketing and advertising campaigns more effectively. You can gain a greater understanding of your audience.

How can I interact with followers with IG Highlights?

Creating a highlight dedicated to reposting screenshots or testimonials of your follower's experiences listening to your music. This is a great way to share the stories of your happy customers. Customer testimonials are valuable!

Can I share feedback from listeners about my music?

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