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Every artist should have a solid artist Biography that will paint the right picture for fans and followers.

Artist Biography

Hermanez, from Genk, Limburg. Belgium.
Sound designer, remixer, DJ & Producer in constant evolution, is always looking for new targets and more challenges, experimenting with uncommon paths and inventing innovative languages.
Hermanez has a unique style that transmits passion and adrenaline, dreams and emotions.
His genre evolved within the years and last years went back to more melodic music and organic house.
In 15 years of his professional career, he has created very much trademark sound: his tracks are perfectly weighted and well swung...
Whether your looking to get signed by a major label or stay independent you need to create clarity for fans and followers.
We make sure people know where you are now and where you are going in your career.
It’s an important piece to have when conducting music business.

You send all information about your musical project.
Within 5 working days we prepare a preliminary biography and send you back for an agreement.
After your review and revision, we process it for two days and send the final version back.
We provide a biography with no more than 2000 characters.
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