International Music Marketing Agency

founded in 2019
The portfolio includes more than 1000 projects.
International Music Marketing Agency was founded in 2019 by Silvio Petrony and PRG Radio team in response to the growing demand for quality services in the field of music marketing, design and promotion for music projects.
Underpinned by a rigorous research and development process and inspired by the creativity that comes from the close collaboration of a professional team and clients, the agency employs a bespoke approach for every project, resulting in better experiences and the creation of competing music products. We build our clients custom digital strategies to increase their online exposure and help them reach a new level of promotion and visibility. Our clients include independent artists, music labels and brands.
International Music Marketing Agency is helps in the development of musical projects from brand creation to promotion. We speak 15 languages and thus take a leading position in international marketing. Our team works with clients from Europe, USA and Latin America.

About Us

Our team of professionals works with all musical genres.

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